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Welcome Reception
Sophia de Mello Breyner Room, Oceanário de Lisboa
Esplanada D. Carlos I - 1990-005 Lisboa, Portugal
The Sophia de Mello Breyner room offers a panoramic view of the River Tagus. Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen was an awarded and decorated Portuguese poet and writer, having won acclaim as a storyteller and published a number of children books, several poetry books and anthologies. The sea is probably the most central theme in her poetical works.  The room is located in the premisses of the Oceanário de Lisboa - The Lisbon Oceanarium - the largest indoor aquarium of Europe built for the World Expo 1998. The Lisbon Oceanarium’s conceptual design, architecture, and exhibit design was led by Peter Chermayeff of Peter Chermayeff LLC. It is said to resemble an aircraft carrier, and is built on a pier in an artificial lagoon. The Lisbon Oceanarium has a large collection of marine species, including fish, echinoderms, cnidaria, mollusks, amphibians, mammals, birds, plants and other marine organisms.
Kais restaurant
Cais da Viscondessa, R. Cintura do Porto, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal

Restaurant Kais is housed in a late XIX century old warehouse, by the riverside, which was used to genarate energy for Portuguese trams that still work in our days. The warehouse was fully recovered and is now one of the most beautiful restaurants you will ever see. 


The actual design and decoration was concieved with much honour, by a very famous Portuguese Interior Decorator, Maria José Salavisa, who respected the industrial roots of the warehouse. Maria José Salavisa believed that the industrial epóque style was a winner. Reflected in the building, is the theory of the Arquitect Otto Wagner, who said that; “the actual structure and materials used to construct the building should be visible”, for this reason, the elements of the structure and of the old factory where left to be seen.


Our thousand years old Olive trees, which represent happiness and gayness also serve as a means of invoquing the past; the water that flows down the fountain into our lake, suggest a connection with the sea and our Discovery era; the vast windows leave an open sky, allowing the stars which once upon a time guided our glorious conquerors to foreign lands and now guide us.


The furniture created by Frank Lloyd Wright inspires an industrial-chique atmosfere, with a coreography of hundreds of candles and warm lighting which transforms the imense room into an intimate and welcoming atmosfere, listening to the Jazz & Blues band playing eternal Jazz Fusion themes.


When refering to a restaurante, Kais could never be a relique if the gastronomy we have to serve would not be of an inequitable standard, well as the rich service we provide. Thus our belief in high quality exprienced professionals, who aim to offer you best of the small pleasures in life.     

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